How To Make Millions Of Naira In Dry Season By Planting Tomato

With a growing population of over 200 million consuming tomatoes daily, tomatoes is still one of the most profitable crop to plant in Nigeria.

Dry season planting of tomato is one of the ways to make it big in farming as there is too much demand and low supply of tomato.

One of the challenges of depending on natural rainfall to grow their tomatoes is that it makes the harvests unpredictable and inconsistent.

Relying on rain fed tomato farming is long outdated. Smart farmers now farm tomatoes all year round with drip irrigation system... Waec Expo 2022

The good news is you can grow your tomatoes anywhere in Nigeria, provided you have a good and healthy soil and access to water for irrigation.

If you interested to know the secrets of doubling your yield that will make you good profits in tomato farming you can read to the end

Site Selection

You can place your farm closer to the road for ease in transporting tomatoes after harvest.
It is also recommended for you to site your farm in a sunny place for your tomatoes because the warmer the soil, the faster the tomatoes grow.

What Type Of Tomato To Plant.

Roma tomatoes are one of the best type of tomatoes to plant because they have less water thereby Lessing cooking time, few seeds, good for sauce, thickens naturally and stays longer in storage.

How To Plant

The best way to plant your tomato is by first planting it in the nursery, then later transplanting to the field.

It is difficult for vegetables to recover when already infested with disease. For you to prevent the plant from being attacked early by insects and pests, Spray insecticides around the nursery bed to wade off insects invasion before planting.

The Right Fertilizer To Use

One of your most important decisions to making millions in tomato farming start from choosing the right fertilizer to use.

Many tomato farmers still practice the crude ways of using fertilizer that are outdated and that is one of the reasons we have poor yield of tomatoes per hectare.

Tomatoes are heavy feeders just like other vegetables without using the fertilizer to feed them with the right nutrient, there will be little or nothing for you to harvest.

By using Agric - Zyme 3X liquid organic fertilizer, tomatoes farmers can double your yield per hectare.... Waec gce runs 

One golden advantage of Agric - Zyme 3X for tomatoes farming is that it is fortified with soil conditioner and perticides which means after using Agric - Zyme 3X you dont need to worry about pest infestation on your farm.

How To Apply Agric - Zyme 3X fertilizer

When using Agric - Zyme 3X fertilizer, simply dilute 1 bottle of Agric - Zyme 3X fertilizer into 100 litres of water and apply both to the leaves and the soil around the root of the crops two weeks after planting. Apply approximately 100ml solution to one crop stand repeat after two week.

Agric - Zyme 3X organic liquid fertilizer is the best way for tomato farmers to produce healthy tomatoes and at the same time achieve bumper harvest in every farming season..... Waec Expo 2022 WhatsAp Group Link